Mallinson Architects - Archaeological Projects


Amarna Visitor Centre for the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities due to complete 2001- will contain the City Model and displays on Amarna archaeology and architecture. Displays funded by the British Ambassador and private donations.

Quseir Visitor Centre for the Heritage of the Red Sea Coast inside a 16th Century Ottoman Fort on the Egyptian Coast it contains displays on the history, archaeology and anthropolgy of the area. Funded by USAID under ARCE/EAP.


Maryam Tsion Cathedral Aksum Ethiopa ---Hanging Church over Old Cairo Roman Gate - Amphitheatre in progress.

Mallinson Architects have completed masterplans for preservation of heritage sites for Tell El Amarna Egypt 1994, Aksum Ethiopia 1996, Old Cairo Coptic Quarter 1999 for local antiquities services and international heritage organisations.



Mallinson Architects has been preparing an Exhibition on Suakin for the Sudan National Museum for use as a guide for the Visitor Centre at the site. It is currently at St.John's College Cambridge, and will be moved to Sudan in November.

Gordon's Gate in 1920.



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