The Small Temple Sanctuary


The Great and Small Temple both had similar sanctuaries which were discovered during the EES excavations between 1922-1937. They were planned by Ralph Lavers, and his restorations were published in 1950. Since then further work between 1987-97 at the Small Temple by the EES Expedition has uncovered more detail of its plan, and the publication of the blocks taken from the temple in the decades following the death of Akhenaten has allowed speculative restoration of its appearence.

The Sanctuary Forecourt


The temple resembles a modified version of the traditional temple form. The Hypetheral (roofless) enclosures allows the sun to shine on the images on the walls. The outer forecourt is decorated with a giant colonnade which in the Great Temple was constructed in the later offering temple called the Per-hai. The columns were restored from fragments discovered during excavation matched to the column decoration of the tombs.

The Sanctuary Columns.

The inner sanctuary contained a large offering altar surrounded by small altars and the texts around the wall depicted scenes of offerings to the Aten by the Pharaoh and members of the Royal Family. The shrines around the courtyard also contained altars and stele, perhaps dedicated to the Aten Temples located in other parts of the country.

The Inner Sanctuary and Main Altar



Computer Drawings and Models: Copyright: EES Expedition to Tell El Amarna, Redvision, Mallinson Architects.