Amarna today from the South

The City of Amarna was laid out on a great plain on the east side of the River Nile. It was divided into different quarters connected with ceremonial routes. These were identifed by the Pharaoh Akhenaten when he dedicated the city. He declared he would build temples for the Aten, palaces for the Queen and himself, and tombs for the Royal Family, the Apis Bull and the nobles of the Royal Court.

Plan of Amarna with Key Elements


The central area of the city contained the main temples, palaces and residential areas, if you click on the aerial photograph of a group of buildings you will see examples of them restored and information as to the type of use they were put to.

For a full description of the Model made for Pharoah's of the Sun Exhibition soon to be displayed at the Amarna Visitor's Centre click on MODEL OF CITY.

Photographs: Copyright David Grandorge, EES Expedition to Tell El Amarna,

Model: Andrew Ingham Associates